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Variety News

This corporation was the first ever news corporation in the RSB. It was formed with the combining of the RSB Variety Ladder and the RSB News Headlines. During this time, success was widespread in these two threads, and Sulaiman400, macaroni49, Rune Beard 0, Parasite2005, Matt0708, Sam Parki, and several others wanted to combined this success and they wanted to help the RSB out in any way, shape, or form.

Former Variety News CorpEdit

Under Sulaiman400 Edit

The former RSB News Headlines contained the RSB Variety Ladder and the RSB News Headlines at its birth. It was formed by Sulaiman400 and Parasite2005 on September 26th, 2008. Six days after its birth, its co-founder Sulaiman400, announced that he was leaving the RSB and members RuneScape. So, it was very surprising. He still had two weeks left to stay in the RSB, so he immediately made plans for a new owner and a new leadership. He also finished a deal with the Unified Forces Ladder on October 1st, 2008, for them to join the corporation. He also set up a massive clan wars event, for one week after his leave. Then, he set up a declaration of roles in the corporation. The corporation had a lot of success for a while, as events worked, posts were made, activity boomed, and the reputation exploded.

Corporation Positions Edit

These positions are post-Sulaiman400:

The Head of Variety Corporation: Rune Beard 0 The Vice President: macaroni The Variety Ladder Division Manager: Parasite2005 The RSB News Headlines Manager: Sam Parki The Unified Power Ladder Manager: Conca60

The Head : The head of the newspaper is the person who runs it all, the entire corporation. He can ask for changes, ask for ladders/newspapers to come under the wing of variety corporation, and he can make powerful decisions.

The Vice President: The assistant's job is to help the head organizer in any way they can, they basically have the same power, but cannot make final judgements, like the head can.

The Division Manager: Do anything in his/her power to help out their division. They can say who to threadhold, what divisions to make, and why to make powerful decisions.

Post-Sulaiman400 Edit

After Sulaiman400 left, the events continued. However, almost immediately after his leave, the activity that the RSB News Headlines had been seeing under his rule, disappeared. Activity died, and this division became nearly non-existant. Then, the schedualed event for October 11th, was cancelled, due to low preparation. Along with these issues, inactivity struck the RSB Variety Ladder in late October. This, along with the near non-existance of the Unified Powers Ladder, caused the Variety News Corporation to nearly fall apart overnight. In the middle of November 2008, the Variety News Corporation fell apart and disbanded.

Future Plans for the Corporation Edit

On December 4th, 2008, talks began for the revival of the Variety News Corporation, with the support of its founder, Sulaiman400. On December 5th, these talks became very serious. Almost instantly, agreements were made between several members of the RSB to support and uphold this new up-coming organization. Also, Sulaiman400 met with members of the URFL (United Runescape Football League), to discuss a deal. He got into a short conversation and he and the rest of the supporters have decided to go full-steam with this project.

Projections Edit

Here are up-to-date projections on what is expected of the new corporation.

Divisions Edit

the RSB Variety Ladder the RSB Battle Ladder the RSB Union News the RSB Press POC News and more

Role Projections Edit

The role of the corporation is expected to be something along the line of unifying the RSB and returning it to its former greatness, by using its strengths, instead of its weaknesses. This unification needs to begin by getting all members of the community, regardless of what one does, with some representation. It is expected to be very large and it is expected to open right before Christmas.

Discuss Edit

Discuss the upcoming plans about the corporation here, like the organization, several rules, and how exactly it would work. All feedback is recommended and we are thankful for any support.