Time zones are divisions of different locations of Earth that have their own local times. The times are different in different places on the Earth. Time zones are important to many clans, as they have members from all over the Earth, making understanding the different times of members extremely important.


GMT Name
-12 International Date Line West (IDLW)
-10 Hawaiian Standard Time (HST)
-9 Alaskan Standard Time (AKST)
-8 Pacific Standard Time (PST)
-7 Mountain Standard Time (MST)
-6 Central Standard Time (CST)
-5 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
-4 Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
-3.5 Newfoundland Standard Time (NST)
-1 West African Time (WAT)
0 Western European Time (WET)
0 Universal Time (UT)
0 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
0 Swedish Winter Time (SWT)
+1 Middle European Time (MET)
+1 Central European Time (CET)
+2 Russian Zone 1
+2 Eastern European Time (EET)
+3 Moscow Time(MSK)
+3 Russian Zone 2
+3 Baghdad Time (BT)
+4 Russian Zone 3
+5.5 India Standard Time (IST)
+8 Australian Western Standard Time
+8 China Coast Time (CCT)
+9 Japan Standard Time (JST)
+9.5 Australian Central Standard Time
+10 Australian Eastern Standard Time
+10 Guam Standard Time (GST)
+12 New Zealand Standard Time (NZST)
+12 International Date Line East (IDLE)
+12.75 Chatham Islands (CHAST) (CHADT)

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