A themed clan is a clan that is themed, or based on something else. This can something related to RuneScape or something completely different. They usually give ranks related to their theme. For example, a Star Wars themed clan would be based on Star Wars and may have the rank of Jedi Master.

Examples of ThemesEdit

Clan can have many different themes. These can include:

  • Star Wars, or other science fiction
  • Popular culture
  • A country
  • Religion
  • Historical periods

Clan RanksEdit

In a themed clan, ranks will be based on the theme. Using a Star Wars clan as an example, these are possible clan ranks:

  • Jedi Master
  • Jedi Knight
  • Sith Lord
  • Fighter Pilot
  • Civilian

There are many varieties, depending on the theme. A medieval themed clan may have Kings, Queens, Knights, Guards and Peasants.


The leadership of a themed clan can be the same as a normal clan; it can be different. Usually, the highest ranks will be taken directly from the theme and the lower ones are taken from the theme or based on the theme. Most themed clans base their leadership on the theme's leadership. For example, a Medieval themed clan might have a King, a Queen, Princes, all the way down to peasants.

Religious ClansEdit

Some clans follow one of the RuneScape gods. This may be a small thing (such as choosing that god's side in a Castle Wars game) or much larger.


There are/have been some unions in existence which are also themed. Most themed unions are on one side or another (such as a RuneScaoe God, Good/Evil, Jedi/Sith, etc). Unions of this nature will only allow clans in the support their side. Some unions go to war with unions of the other side.