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The following is the code required and used to operate the Featured Clan History system. If any problems are encountered or any issues found please contact Dark Arc/The Excel whom is running the system at the current time.

<onlyinclude><div style="width:100%; color:white; text-align:center; background: -moz-radial-gradient(50% 50%,ellipse farthest-corner, #6B0000, #000000) !important; background:#000; background: -webkit-radial-gradient(50% 50%,ellipse farthest-corner, #6B0000, #000000)!important;">'''Year'''<br />

{{Featured Year
|Year = 2008
|Color = #424242
|September = Clan:Da-Chia Clan
|October = Clan:GreenSkulls
|November = Clan:Guthix Blade
|December = Clan:Axe Gang}}

{{Featured Year
|Year = 2009
|Color = #0000FF
|February = Clan:Knights of the Abyss
|May = Clan:Knights of Guthix
|June = Clan:Masors
|July = Clan:BZPChat
|August = Clan:Kaiser Blade
|September = Clan:Team Falcon
|October = Clan:Questers
|November = Clan: The Total F2P Skillers
|December = Clan:The Corsam Clan}}

{{Featured Year
|Year = 2010
|Color = #868A08
|January = Clan:Prodigy
|February = Clan:Army of Saradomin
|March = Clan:Amanecer
|April = Clan:Blade Bearers
|June = Union:Zerouhs Triumvirate
|July = Clan:Wilderness Guardians
|August = Clan:RuneScape Militia
|September = Clan:Neon
|October = Clan:EE
|November = Clan:United Generation
|December = Clan:The Divide}}

{{Featured Year
|Year = 2011
|Color = #DF0101
|January = Clan:Prodigy
|February = Clan:Skill Union
|March = Clan:The Rising Dark
|April = Clan:Rogue Ninja Civilization
|May = Clan:Tormentd Soulz
|June = Clan:Kingdom of Varrock
|July = Clan:The Kingdom of Sparta
|August = Clan:Carlie the Unicorn
|September = Clan:The Questing Clan  of Runescape
|October = Clan:Dragon Hart
|November = Clan:Famous For Double Natures
|December = Clan:The 72 Clan}}

{{Featured Year
|Year = 2012
|Color = purple
|January = Clan:The Empire
|March = Clan:Silent Knight
|April = Clan:Saradominist Kingdom
|May = Clan:Assassin's Cult}}

{{Featured Year
|Year = 2013
|Color = green
|September = Clan:Division of Fire
|December = Clan:Redux

{{Featured Year
|Year = 2014
|Color = orange
|July = Clan:The 72 Clan 

Is your clan missing from the history? [[User_talk:The_Excel|Leave a message here]]!

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