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There are various ways clans rank certain members. Here are some of the popular ways to rank up a clan along with its pros and cons.

Combat Level/Skill LevelEdit

Clans rank certain members by levels making the higher levelled members get better ranks.

  • Pros: No complaining, impossible for low rank members to make fun of high levelled members
  • Cons: A new recruit can be a rank of captain and never log on again


Clans rank members by how long and active they have been in the clan.

  • Pro: Equality, usually creates fun communities
  • Cons: People will complain about their rank

Clan PointsEdit

Clans like Blade Bearers rank their members using a point system based on how many times certain members visit an event or a similar sort of thing. Certain points mean certain ranks.

  • Pro: Equal, motivates members to go to events
  • Con: Time zone conflicts, members who don't play RuneScape often, flaming of members who want an event

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