For Four of more clans that work together, see Union.

An Alliance is an agreement between only two or three clans to work together and be a bigger team in combat, skilling, clan events and other community areas. There is a difference between an Alliance and Union contrary to beliefs.


Usually, a condition of an alliance is that the two clans will come to the others aid if a war is started. This usually involves fighting on the side of the allied clan, but can also involve getting food an supplies to the other clan. Non-combat clans are not often required to fight (though they may if they wish); but are required to collect food and supplies for the allied clan.

Merge eventsEdit

Some alliances include merge events. These are events in which members from both clans attend. These are usually boss monster hunts (such as a KBD hunt), but can also include other activities , such as Castle Wars or Clan Wars. Depending on the clans involved, merge events can be very regular or quite rare.


Main article: Union

When several clans (normally four of more) choose to make a large alliance together, it is called a Union. Unions often have regular events and a thread on the Forums (RSB) to coordinate meetings and wars.

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